Question: What is the happiest moment you’ve experienced?

Baekhyun: It is the first time when I stood on stage, the moment I’ve been anticipating for 7 years. It was the happiest and most meaningful moment ever. Everytime I stand on stage, fans in front would start shouting that they love EXO. The moment I got off stage, I felt so drained and my legs were trembling. My parents also said: “It feels like your heart exploded.”


Sebaek,please get a room

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shoulder to lean on

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sehun dancing at the airport

sehun dominating 2014 already ;;

Chanyeol’s supportive boyfriend

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baekhyun volunteered to give sstp listeners a gift

SHINDONG: Our Baekhyun will give [the listeners] a gift~ What kind of gift-
KAI: Let’s go with aegyo.
SHINDONG: Aegyo? Should we go with aegyo? Or you could sing one verse from a song.
BAEKHYUN: One verse..
SHINDONG: One verse from a song?
BAEKHYUN: One verse from a song… I’ll just do aegyo.
SHINDONG: Now you’re more confident about doing aegyo rather than singing. Wow. Show us [the aegyo]. Three, two, one.
BAEKHYUN: (In his aegyo tone) Have a blessed New Year~
KAI: Cute!!! Cute, cute!!! Cute!!!

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Me every end of year (feat Oh Sehun)


December 31st 11:57 pm

11:58 pm

11:59 pm

January 1st 12:00 am

12:01 am

12:02 am




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OT12 according to fans

a car ride with flower maknae ;;

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*acts as if nothing happened and waves coolly*
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eating is so badass i mean you put something in a cavity where you smash and destroy it with 32 protruding bones and then a meat tentacle pushes it into a pool of acid and after a few hours you absorb its essence and transform it into energy just wow

That is the most metal thing I have ever read in my whole life.